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1st class solution for Clackmannanshire Council   20/03/2006

The Miraclean Range is the latest weapon being used in Clackmannanshire Council's battle to clean up the county's streets. The £7,000 machine is a first for the Council's Environmental Services, who have tried a number of unsuccessful methods to blast the eyesore from the county's town centre pavements.

Pristeam Solutions Ltd in conjunction with Hygiene 1st UK Ltd., have succesfully introduced this new innovation to Clackmannanshire Council.

Councillor Eddie Carrick, Convener of the Enterprise and Environment Committee, said: "I know that residents and local businesses find discarded chewing gum a real eyesore and I'm delighted to hear that we've found an effective method of removing it from our town centre pavements."

"The amount of chewing gum discarded, which disfigures the county's streets, is a disgrace and I don't think it's too much to ask people to dispose of their gum properly in a litter bin. I also feel a tax on chewing gum manufacturers could be the way forward, instead of local authorities picking up the bill for this problem."

In the UK, 20 million people consume more than 935 million packs of gum a year — and many chewers are dropping or spitting their discarded gum on the streets. The cost of cleaning gum pollution from the nation's streets is more than £150 million a year.

Ewart McAuslane, Clackmannanshire's Head of Environmental Services, said: "We must convince people that it's socially unacceptable to discard gum in the street. We'd much rather be spending this money on other things, but so long as people continue to deface our town centres, the Council has a responsibility to clean up after them."

"We've trialled other machines in the past, none of which have proved any good, but this machine is being successfully used by a number of other Councils, and does remove gum. We hope that it might also be employed in the war on graffiti and bill posters, complementing the work our service does to make Clackmannanshire's streets as clean as possible."